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Aussie gal coming to Phnom Penh 1st week of June for a stay of 4-8 weeks.

I'd like somewhere safe, clean, fully furnished, comfortable (if possible - and with some space/a desk for me to work), with good natural light, and conveniently located (and preferably with no building works going on next door). Somewhere near Independence Monument, possibly BBK 1, 2 or 3.

I am looking for either:
- 1bedroom apartment
, but if you've got a 2 bedroom apartment for rent, that's ok too; or
- Share apartment or share-house, with 1 other (pref sharing with no more than 1 person if possible) - just for a month or two; or
- Housesit - if you're leaving Phnom Penh for a month or two (possibly going home or away for business?) and need a VERY RELIABLE, HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY expat to look after your premises as though it’s her own. Am happy to pay rent (but of course!!) and I have excellent references.

About me:
· Currently living in Sydney (Manly, on the Northern Beaches) and am just finishing my CELTA qualification at UTS Sydney – I’m coming up to do some practical work-experience in Phnom Penh.
· Formerly from Australian film and tv industry (production & creative).
· Down-to-earth, considerate, active (love watersports, cycling, skiing and snowboarding - not that Cambodia's the place for it, but just giving you an idea of who I am), friendly, focused and creative, love movies/theatre/live music/the arts.
· Have previously lived in the UK (LON) and USA (SFO), and traveled extensively worldwide.
- Appreicative that Cambodia's very different to everywhere else I've been (I was briefly in Cambodia last September) and the way of life is that much slower than Sydney yet real.

If you can assist, please contact me on janiesemail [at] gmail [dot] com or +61422919449 (if sms'ing, follow up with an email - sometimes sms' from Cambodia don't get through the Aussie telcos).

Any suggestions any of you can offer, I'd really appreciate hearing from you - so please don't hesitate to email me.


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