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Like many newcomers, I'm looking for a reasonable place that isn't a total hovel. I'm flexible -- a one bedroom or a flat for up to $400 in BKK, Central Market, Wat Phnom, Riverside, Tol Sleung. If anyone knows of someone moving out of their place or has spotted signs, let me know [dot] [dot] [dot] claire [dot] duffett [at] gmail [dot] com.

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The apartment complex behind Rory's Bar usually has an apartment going for the $2-300 region. Enquire in the little restaurant next to Rory's.

The same alley that the AlleyCat is worth investigating and further along by M'Orm and Classic Bar on St 19 there's a small lane that's a bit of an expat enclave. Handy for St 240 and Paragon. Rents there are $200-$400 depending on what's available. You need to go there regularly to look as one went the same day it was advertised. It's just luck.

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Hi Claire,

I'm also looking for a place as well-- if you are looking for a housemate, please let me know! betsy [dot] bramon [at] gmail [dot] com
i'm rather flexible, hoping for not more than $200 per month and in the same general areas as you.

Let me know!



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