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Apartment for rent _Olympic_250 USD

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Appartment for rent st. 374 (250 USD)

We have an apartment which located at st.374 ,Toul Tompong II ,S/K toul svay prey ,khan chomkamorn,PP.

Our apartment is at the second floor which fully furnished such as :
-2 bed rooms (bigger one is using AC and the another one is using Fan)
-a big balcony
-nice living room
-Gas cooker
-clean bathroom (1)
-A cute western Kitchen
-LCD TV ,Cable TV ,Refrigerator,washing machine ,4 high chairs for sitting at the kitchen sides ,sofa for the living room. A table and chair at the balcony ,Cabinets at kitchen for keeping stuff and equipment.

**Any interested please contact us via number 069307273 or 012220189 or Email :Venthida [at] gmail [dot] com


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