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apartment for rent

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Hey there everyone,

I am leaving Cambodia in one month and would like to advertise (on behalf of my
lovely landlords) for the two bedroom apartment I have been living in for the
last nine months.

Right next to the Russian Market

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, 2 A/C, recently constructed (we were
the first tenants to live there), a small balcony, a shared rooftop terrace (but
there is only two other apartments to share it with), big kitchen, good
neighbours, very secure and really wonderful, english speaking landlords

$350 a month plus electricity and water costs (roughly $30)

Apartment will be available:
from the 5th July, 2009

Please feel free to contact the landlords (they speak english):
Chorvy 012 789 753
Sinnith 097 828 3921

Jarnah and Beattie


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