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Apartment Needed - close to or in BKK1

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I have recently arrived in PP and been pretty shocked at apartment rental costs relative to what they might actually be worth. I have a limited budget but am looking for a 2 bed place - any ideas anyone?

Recommended agents, if they exist!?

I have walked around and looked at apartments which seem to be advertised directly via posters on doors etc - but even some of these seem to go for $800 which seems to me very steep.

Any advise or potential places to view would be welcome.

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We have a 2 bedroom apartment which is available at the end of this month.
- It is located near BKKI.
- Rental Fee is $650/mth (Negotiation)
- Newly construction

If you are interested, Please arrange time to visit.

Contact: Rentals 012 683 590

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All the agents are crap-- including the above-- they will show you un-interesting tile boxes that are overpriced... also they won't really listen.. I recommend finding one of the guys that just drives around looking for places and has no re-estate affiliation.... Don't have a number handy but they're out there-- plus they work harder and deserve it more--

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I am not going to comment . I have been warend once.

Actually ..fuck it.:twisted:

OI RENTALS ! When a Barang says LIMITED BUDGET ...$650 does not fall in that range OK ? D I P S H I T.




Look for ART the HOMEFINDER's number in the Cambodia Daily Classifieds number . He will find something for you.

Failing that, I think you are probably lookinf solely in Bkk1 ? Look wider. Go to Toul Sleng or Tould Tom Pong. Much cheaper and no yuppies.

I will PM you if I see anything.


ps; this might be my last post if i get banned for RE bashing. I love you all.

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STRUTH.....I just googled ATHF for you !

He is famous AND he has a website !!!!!!!!!!


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I have just added a post for a three bedroom apartment but only one room is available. Very cheap room ($133 per month) which is quite large in a small apartment with a disproportinately enourmous balcony. Very safe area in the location you are talking about (just north of bkk1). If you are interested please call me on 092 149 473,

kind regards,

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I've just posted a recommendation for an agent as a new topic... I rented a place through him myself today.


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