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$250 - HOUSEMATE needed in beautiful riverfront apt with great balcony and view! Avaliable TODAY!

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I've moved into a great apt on the riverfront and need a roommate! The apt is close to the corner of 136 and the main road on the riverfront drag. The apartment is available today!

There are 2 bedrooms, a super large living room, balcony with large pillow chairs, a smaller kitchen with washer and 2 bathrooms. The set up is a little odd, the stairs and entry door to the apt are between the bedrooms/living room and kitchen and 2nd bathroom. The rent is $550, plus utilities, I'll pay for the $300 bedroom since it has a bathroom attached. The other large bedroom (much bigger than the pic shows) has great natural light (with thick curtains in case you want to sleep in), a wardrobe and some big and small shelves, AC and a fan. There is AC and a TV and DVD player in the living room. There are large glass doors leading onto the balcony! (great for people watching and enjoying a glass of wine)

You can reach me at eplacroix [at] yahoo [dot] com if you're interested!!

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great view. we had the same view when we lived on the riverfront. Great to wake up to on weekends.


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Yes, great view and I'm hoping it's mine when I return in October. Fingers crossed, but what will be, will be.


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