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2 or 3 room abode available from late August? :)

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A fellow TEFL camp recruit and myself will want a two, but maybe three room (to accommodate guests) abode somewhere in town from late August as we are staying but will loose our current accommodation from about the 24th August.

Would be interested in advice on who to see and where general availability is... dont really know the real estate game here yet.

- Location, not known but central would be good
- Price range about $600 tops p/m ($500 better!) + bills (although some included would be nice)
- Type, depends on location and vibe... town house/single floor in multi-floor building/condo.... whatever is the nicest out of the choice
- Security, important Wink
- Deposit, 1 month in advance, non of this 6 months advance rent shit
- Noise, fairly quiet but noise not too much an issue as long as not at weekends too much Wink

Any agent/agency, area, advice, suggestions anybody can offer?

Much appreciated if so Smile


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