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2 bedroom appartment for rent in street 21 for 250 us + bills

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The appartment is on the first floor it has a large balcony facing a mango tree garden, 1 living room, 2 bedrooms with aircon, the kitchen is installed in the large corridor leading to the bathroom, all this in the nice and quiet street 21.

So Its not a chinese compartment. The building is new with a fairly modern feel in the deco, no cheezy ceramics on the walls, rather big and discreet monochrome ceramics on the floor (except for the bathroom, they always have to put them somewhere...)
All the rooms are luminous. I would say the rooms are quite big, compared to them the living room is a bit small but the many windows, the view on the trees and the acces to balcony downplay a lot this aspect. The other snag might be that the kitchen is in the corridor. I just want U to know before U visit so U don't waste Ur time and mine by the same occasion...
Its partuilly furnished with basics (beds, TV, fridge, wicker canape and chairs). Futher arrangements (as hot water) can be discussed with the khmer owner as usual. She will ask a one month deposit and again the rent 250 + bills.

Call me at 092 995 791.


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