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Court Food Stand For Rent Good Place near night club parking

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Koh-Kong Disco the butterfly opportunity Promote

As we had expected, after having set up our night club
we want to broaden our nightclub parking a court food.
and we are looking for partners who would like to rent
one or more shops on our court food restaurant.

our disco pays the development of the court food.
for rent restaurant stand. the location is very good,
because the parking lot of the night club the butterfly
you can open days and night time , the night club close
every night 3/4 AM

10 restaurants size 3meter x 3 meter total sqm per stand
40 to 50 tables dinner 200 sqm your not need buy chairs or
tables. table shares for every stand restaurants.

Stand rental conditions
Place of location: the butterfly park disco

9 years renewable contract.
contract validated lawyer charge: 200usd

entrance fee contract usd 3000 (only one time).
if you stay 9 years, i come back your entrance fee.
if you want stay again more 9 years i not come back
and you not need to pay again entrance fee.

Rental per month: 175 USD / month
guarantee deposit: 2 months.

you don 't have to buy anything
tables, plates up, forks, knives, spoons.
we take care of Clearing tables, cleaning the plates.
parking security free.

the court food place a covered protection rains and sun
for you stand court food you not need to pay for build
i delivery you stand finish 100%
you only need to install you equipment for cook
Electric meter separed
electric water separed

every food welcome.
every stand need to send food different for have diversity
food on in place.

If you want to install in koh kong and rent a booth
we can help you for visa 1 year
about 200usd / 300usd per year
restaurant business for you we do not need work permit.
no business tax in cambodia.

The court food open 3 month after booking now
place limited now only 8 stands aviables

for informations and booking or picture and place ,please call or email to Contact
koh-kong Disco The Butterfly.
city koh-kong border thai klong yiay
Mr khy sun
call 011214511 OR 85511214511

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