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Phnom Penh to Koh Dait

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Has anyone been to Koh Dait from PP? I know you can do a day trip and friends have said it is the best thing to do here, white sands, fun picnics etc but dont know any details. How long is the boat trip each way and is it good with toddlers? How long do you stay at the beach or is that up to us? Where does the boat leave from?

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Koh Dait info: There are boats waiting by the riverbank off the bridge about 5km and into the road along the riverbank... ask the villagers for he tips cuz there will be many boat with different schedules.. ask for "BOAT TO KOH DACH" in khmer "TOUK TOV KOH DAH". Taking motocross is best. Staying over the night is a question... there is late night as well as early morning boat again ask the captain Tongue

We cambodian ask away for tips.


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