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**Super english-speaking housekeeper available! [updated]!

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Our excellent, english-speaking, housekeeper, Saody, now has a slot available for weekday afternoons.

She's by far the best housekeeper I've had the privilege of employing in the 7 years I've lived in Cambodia and I've employed 5 good ones previously. For us she comes and does 3-4 hrs of thorough cleaning, tidying and laundry 3 mornings a week. She's pretty smart and good humoured but respects privacy and never 'oversteps' the boundaries of a normal employer-employee relationship (as I've known and heard many housekeepers can do - to varying degrees).

She knows most of the normal ins-and-outs of western tastes in housekeeping generally and on top of that she's remarkably adaptable, as she senses almost immediately any habits or preferences for how you want things. Any discrepancies and just a brief word to her is all it takes for her to adapt whatever it is you want done differently from then on. She is also a very trustworthy lady and we've left our apartment in her hands several times while away and we've always returned happily to a home perfectly ordered and tidied with nothing ever 'out of place'.

As a bonus, she's also trained to cook western food - through the reputable cooking course at The Garden Centre restaurant.

Biggest bonus of all though is that she speaks and *writes* reasonably good english, so communication is pretty smooth and she helps whenever there's a need for Khmer-English translation - with landlords etc. She's great with writing notes if there's anything she thinks you shld know while you're out and can write/follow shopping lists, etc etc etc...

Anyone interested can contact me (Adam) by email at damaja.cj @ Or text/call Kanchan (my partner) on 012 513223.


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