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Hot pot is a pot steamed that we choose a variety of foods such as meat, fish and vegetables to put on a great earthen pot and then steamed.

Beneath the chicken soup is great and we are for foods such as mushroom, vegetables, meat, fish steamed up great. As a kind of soup is good for health because of food grease will run down the pot is good for those who intend to lose weight.You will enjoy the full flavor of the dish was delicious.

When steamed, the meat of the fish and oil will flow down pots ... ... ... ...
It is simple in a few minutes you'll have a delicious pot steamed. With the soup you can eat steamed vegetables are morenutritious than raw.

In addition to those who need lots of protein, the soup pot with this attractive complete after eating may take great interest inand to the vermicelli or noodles processing and zousui Japanese dishes.



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