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Asian Tigers Mobility


Asian Tigers Transpo International (Cambodia) Ltd.
86 Street 160
Phnom Penh - Cambodia

Tel 1: +855.
Tel 2: +855.
Tel 3: +855.

We have over 30 years experience in the region, we understand our clients' special mobility needs. The process of relocating families can generate immense stress at both the corporate and personal levels but with the right corporate partner, this stress can be easily alleviated. AT-Mobility not only offers a myriad of relocation service, but we can do so at cost effective rates that makes your transfer simple and economical. We are a truly innovative partner for you and your organization.

Our Services:
1- Destination service
- Immigration
- School, Home Search, temporary accommodation
-Settling in service
- Furniture rental service
- Handyman and maid service
-Lease Renewal

2- Move Management Services
- Households goods packing and removal
- Storage
- Pet Relocation

3- And Many more...
- Training Programs
- Tenancy Management
- Departure Service

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