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Bangkok to Saigon Cycle Challenge - The Final one

By: Symbiosis Travel Posted: August-28-2010 in
Symbiosis Travel

2010 will be the 10th and final year of running the Bangkok to Saigon Cycle Challenge. It remains a superb experience, but for us it is time to move on to new projects, so this is your last chance to experience this great cycle ride.

Please be sure to book early. To secure your place on the FINAL 2010 Bangkok to Saigon Cycle Challenge

The Bangkok to Saigon Cycle Challenge is an exceptional 2 week, 1,000km mountain bike journey through three of South East Asia's most exotic countries, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam, to raise funds for underprivileged children. The ride includes a 2-day stop at the majestic Angkor Wat -- the world's largest temple complex and a World Heritage site -- plus a day in the riverine capital, Phnom Penh, with its faded French colonial grandure.

As David Mantrop (a 2004 participant) put it , the Bangkok to Saigon cycle challenge is "the toughest vacation you'll ever love!".

Over the 16 days cyclists travel through 3 contrasting countries -- Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam -- and visit 3 major cities (including 2 capitals). Stand in awe of Angkor Wat, the world's largest religious edifice; sail across Southeast Asia's largest lake, the Tonle Sap; and experience the wonderful watery world of the Mekong Delta.

In addition to experiencing the highlights of the Southeast Asia trail, you will also be raising funds for less privileged children.

This fully supported cycle ride introduces you to the life and lives far away from the tourist track, where your senses will be bombarded with the sights, sounds, and smells of the Orient -- with each border crossing you will discover a new and very different country.

Charity Fundraising
For each booking made Symbiosis Expedition Planning donates US$100 to be shared between the following Children's charities. These charities have been carefully chosen as they are all local and undertake tremendous, much needed work. As they are local organisations and not part of larger, international organisations, more of the money they receive actually gets to the point of need rather than being 'swallowed up' in administration, funding head offices in 'western' countries and large international marketing budgets.

Source - Symbiosis Expedition Planning

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