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Montezuma’s revenge “Philippine style”

By: Gene Davis Posted: September-12-2010 in
Gene Davis

Montezuma’s revenge “Philippine style” is most often caused by eating or drinking something that is made with local unpurified water or something cooked in or with the water that has not been cooked long enough to kill the bacteria.

While most foods are okay to eat here and present no problem to our digestive tract; the sauces that come with local foods (mostly sold by street vendors) are sometimes cooked with local water that has not been boiled or cooked long enough.
Even the ice served in your favorite drinks at large restaurants can be suspect.

Simply put-the water here is not clean and not safe to drink unless it is the bottled purified water. The only exception to this that I know of is if you are on the old US Navy base at Subic Bay.

If you do end up eating or drinking unclean water you will notice it within just several hours. A kind of upset stomach and cramps. It just seems to get worse if left untreated. I have lived here in the Philippines for almost seven years now. And even after all that time, I still end up with Montezuma’s Revenge once or twice every year.

Pharmacies in the Philippines sell most all medications over the counter. No prescription needed.
Just go to any pharmacy and buy six (6) capsules of AMPICILLIN-500mg each.
Take one capsule every four hours.
That’s it. Problem solved and you’ll be back to normal and feeling great within 12 to 24 hours.

So eat, drink, and be merry and remember to be careful at the same time…

This article is offered as a general guideline and not meant to replace competent medical advice.
If in doubt, consult with a physician.


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