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Review: Ansara Hotel and Restaurant

By: Thomas Wanhoff Posted: January-02-2011 in
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Thomas Wanhoff

When I travel, I am always looking for something special in my accommodation. I am not a backpacker, so guesthouses are not my game. My preferred hotel must have some basic features like internet, breakfast, restaurant, television and friendly staff. But even more important is that they MUST be special. In Phnom Penh, it is the Pavillion, in Bangkok it is Le Fenix and in Vientiane, it is Ansara Hotel.

So why? First of all it is the location. Ansara Hotel is located in an alley right down from the riverside, next to a Wat (Wat Chan, actually). The location makes it a hidden gem. A quiet place, but just a short walk to downtown Vientiane and the popular riverside restaurants and bars. Making it a more authentic experience, you will sometimes hear the monks chanting or playing the drum(don't complain about it, it is not noise, it is the sound of Laos.). Back home you pay 20 bucks for a CD with these sounds! The building is designed in a mix of local Lao and colonial style. Well done, of course, since the owner is an architect who previously lived in France.

The rooms aren't spacious. They are big enough for 2 people, but it's just that you can't get an extra bed in for any other members in your family or group. But that's pretty much it with downsides. What makes you happy is that every room has not only wifi internet, but also has a laptop for your use during the stay at the hotel. Geeks paradise! If you can afford it, book one of the suites. It is worth the money. Choose "Suite Affair" for a stay with your...anyway, just enjoy the stay Smile. The rooms and the main building are separated by a cute little Asian garden, making this a perfect place for having a cocktail in the evening.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in the main building, either on the outside terrace or the inside restaurant upstairs. Breakfast comes a la carte, since there isn't much space for a buffet, and, frankly, this is the weak point of the hotel. It is basically some pastries, eggs, bacon, fruit and bread. Not bad in quality, but there is room for improvement. The restaurant then, is French cuisine at a high level. Since my wife and I love cheese (and it usually costs a fortune in Asia), we always order the cheese platter. But we were also satisfied with dishes like Duo de Foie Gras Torchon and Pan-fried with Cameralized Pear.

For me, the food in a hotel is not the most important thing, I always go out for my meals. What I want is friendly staff (and yes, they are) and a comfortable environment. Having a coffee on the terrace while working on my laptop and ENJOYING it makes the difference. I often consider going there to work from my laptop although I live in this city!


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