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Opening a restaurant in Bali

By: Mike Posted: July-12-2009 in

I am planning to spend a few months from now in Lovina. It’s probably not the most beautiful place (except for the sunsets) to be in Bali, but it is quiet and has a nice laid back feel to it. Internet speed and connectivity though is worse than the south of Bali.

There is not one free wifi cafe or restaurant though in Lovina. Many restaurants in Ubud and Seminyak though free wifi. I am certain that if you opened a restaurant or cafe with free wifi, you would get a lot of customers. Lovina is moderately popular with tourists and many of the restaurants in central Lovina are fairly crowded at night. If I can’t get decent internet in my new place, I was thinking I should start my own internet cafe or restaurant with free wifi.

I was walking past a restaurant that was closed and asked the shop next to it who the owner was. I met up with the current lessee of the place and he said he had to close the place because he couldn’t find a cook. I have no idea how true this is.

He still has 10 months left on the lease and was offering it to us for 15 million, including all of furniture and cooking facilities. It needs a bit of work to get opened again, but you wouldn’t have to spend too much on it (other than the lease). I am pretty sure he would come down more on the price.

The guy then started talking about the property development he was doing and it sounded interesting. Land here is still pretty cheap and it sounds like something which I would like to look into further.

Source: Bali Expat Blog

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sounds like there is a market

sounds like there is a market there.......quality natural food and drinks at a communication outlet.


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