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A visit to Cambodia that could change your life

By: Vanessa Vrdoljak Posted: May-14-2013 in
Asia Investment Roadshow coming to Cambodia
Vanessa Vrdoljak

Let’s face it in many ways Cambodia seems disconnected from other parts of South East Asia. While the world marvels at the economic powerhouses of Singapore and Hong Kong and lauds the development leaps of Thailand and Malaysia, it often seems that Cambodia is being left behind.

We never get to see international music legends on worldwide tours here and the top professional sports teams never visit. It often seems as though Cambodia is missing out.

Well, I am delighted to announce that this will not be the case on my company’s upcoming Asia Investment Roadshow. Infinity are organising a region-wide tour by one of London’s top investment management teams and Phnom Penh and Siem Reap both feature heavily on the itinerary. Now I know a team of financial gurus are not the Rolling Stones or Manchester United, but their expertise could have a profound effect on how Cambodia-based expats plan for their future.

That’s a pretty bold claim so let me explain why.

Anyone with any sense should be saving for the future. At some stage we are all going to reach the end of our working lives and retire. Unless people have saved for that moment, they are going to find themselves living on the breadline. State pension entitlements (if you are entitled at all) are miserly at best and will only cover the basic essential of life. Who wants to live like that?

So we should all be saving, but the question is how? Putting it in the bank will see your savings lose value, as most bank interest rates do not keep pace with inflation. Buying gold will leave you exposed to a future price collapse. Hold equities and you face the hazardous volatility of the stock market.

The answer is a multiple asset, risk-adjusted portfolio of the kind offered by the team from Bestinvest, who will be visiting in June. Backed by rigorous research and allocated across seven principle asset classes, their model portfolios are the best in the market place. And it’s not just me saying that. In 2011, they were won the Financial Times ‘Wealth Manager of the Year’ and they were the 2012 ‘Professional Adviser, Investment Adviser of the Year’. They don’t just give out those baubles to anyone.

The Bestinvest team will be visiting Cambodia between June 12-14 and Infinity will be hosting a series of events for expats to meet with them. In relaxed and informal surroundings, you can find out what they have to say about investments, savings and the global economy. I know it will be of value to most expats working here and looking to save for the future, even if it is a relatively modest amount.

It could change your future.

If you would like to attend any of the events below please visit our online booking form, call 023 999 123 or email me at vvrdoljak [at] infinitysolutions [dot] com and I will be happy to send you an invite.

Asia Investment Tour 2013: Cambodia

Thursday June 13, 8am - Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, Phnom Penh Sofitel
Thursday June 13, 6pm - Investors’ Seminar, Phnom Penh Sofitel
Friday June 14, 6pm - Investor’s Seminar, Siem Reap Sofitel


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