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Think of the Small Things...

By: Tanja Wessels Posted: January-30-2009 in
Tanja Wessels

As with everything in life, there are pluses and minuses. And when it comes to fashion - life in a tropical climate holds no exception. The trick is to only focus on the pluses. So instead of bemoaning the versatility that mittens, scarves, boots, tights and coats offer us, let's embrace the friend of the light dresser: accessories.

Inexpensive and fun, they really can make a statement, irrespective of 'fat days' and uncooperative hair.

One of my favourite outlets is the Tooit Tooit stall at the Russian Market. Good for all the right reasons I have long been a fan of their products as they are both original and fun. Their re-cycled woven newspaper purses are a particular hit. If Bottega Venetta went green and developing-world, this would be the result. And a lot less pricey at $2 for most items.

The same design is also used on their 'clutch' bags. About A4 sized they have a Velcro fastener and plastic inside for reinforcement. As they are made from cigarette cartons don't be surprised to find an add with a picture of a couple falling in love inside- all for $7.

One of their products that cannot go unmentioned are their necklaces. Bead-like newspaper strips on elasticised string allow them to also be worn as bracelets. Because they come in an array of different colours, from bright pinks to muted subtle tones, these accessories make the transition from day to night an easy one.

They also sell recycled rice bags that make an environmental statement as well as being very cool. At $1.50 they will do you proud in your local market and at Lucky Supermarket. On the grocery-shopping note, they also have very practical zip-up fabric bags. When folded, they are purse-sized and perfect to carry in your handbag. Ready to replace the need for a plastic bag at $5.

Shoes can also play the role of friend or foe when the heat is on. In my experience it's a real roller-coaster ride from the moment you see a super pair to the heart wrenching moment you realize that their maker never had your giant foot in mind during the design process. That doesn't stop me from staring at piles of shoes though. The land between addiction and optimism is where I reside.

If you are someone who has an acceptable shoe size and the above mentioned experience is alien to you, stop by Char Lotte on St. 63. The interior would not look out of place in Notting Hill and their shoe selection, although not very big, will make the right sized foot out there very happy. Well-known labels at $19. UK size 5 take note.

If the idea of buying a pair of earrings from a vendor wedged between the beef and bananas at your local market has never crossed your mind- rest assured, it dances through mine on a regular basis. Cheap, Chic jewellery is plentiful in The Penh- it's just important to be on the right side of that expression, i.e. not the cheap side…I'm here to help.

Tooit Tooit Stall 312, Russian Market
Char Lotte 166A-166B, Street 63


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