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There Are Nearly 500 Entertainment Places at Night, Most of Them Are Karaoke Parlors

By: The Mirror Posted: March-03-2010 in
The Mirror

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 654

“Phnom Penh: At present, there are nearly 500 entertainment places in Phnom Penh, such as beer gardens, karaoke parlors, night clubs, discotheques, restaurants or other places where alcohol and some meals are served, accompanied with music, and female beer seller [often called "Beer Girls"].

“According to reports from the Phnom Penh Municipality, distributed during a recent convention to sum up the work in 2009 and to set the direction for 2010, big entertainment places include 76 beer gardens, 83 karaoke parlors, 10 night clubs, and 9 discotheques. Based on unofficial estimations by expert officials, there are around 300 other places such as clubs, restaurants, small restaurants, or places where soup is served like in beer gardens, where there are women to entertain the male guests.

“The above report went on to say that in Phnom Penh there are 142 hotels, 353 guesthouses, 8 [mainly poor people's building blocks, 54 massage shops, and 233 tourism agencies. 303 places were provided with tourism licenses, 91 new sites were opened, the validity of 266 sites was suspended, and 17 sites were closed because of armed clashes, sex trafficking, rape, and other disturbing offenses.

"It is worth to point out that in recent years, big and small entertainment places that run at night are growing like mushrooms. Some are operated in restaurants where the Phnom Penh police cannot easily control them. Sometimes it is only after problems have occurred that police could know about it. Entertainment places do not need any advertisements at present [to attract customers].” Koh Santepheap, Vol.43, #6896, 1.3.2010

This article was first published by The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 654 - Monday, 1.3.2010
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user avatar Anonymous

can venerable "The Guardian" do a story on London pubs?

hmm, what's the point being made?

can the venerable "The Guardian" do a story on London pubs, where a glass of beer costs $12, and people regularly get their faces smashed in for no reason?

Another case of super-rich, pontificating Anglo-hypocrites, perhaps?

Phnom Penh

user avatar Anonymous

Reply to the article about entertainment places in Phnom Penh

You ask: "What's the point being made?" - I hope that the format of the Mirror presentations from Monday to Saturday makes it clear that this is an effort to present, to the English reading public (quite a mixed audience, in Cambodia and internationally), a glimpse of what happens in the Cambodian language press.

Norbert Klein


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