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Ten Toilets in Pee-Pee

By: Pontus Arthursson Posted: June-14-2009 in
Pontus Arthursson

Have you ever been out and had a really good meal followed by coffee and little sip of some strong-water without having to visit " The Room"?
I haven't.
With this informative list you should be able to rest your behind in the most fantastic atmospheres in the city.
Follow me, Pontus, as I enter "The Water Closet"

The colour is the first thing that hits me and I like it. The sharp blue almost makes me forget why I'm here. The crushed ice pineapple slices in the urinal is a definite plus. It's like you're making a drink while addressing your needs. Shaken not stirred. Above is a lovely picture of Pee-Wee Herman looking completely disgusted by my actions. As I turn 180 degrees to wash my hands I burst into laughter looking straight into the eyes of Gilligan and The Skipper. This toilet has been a fun experience.

The Shop
At first glance it looks nice, but after a few minutes someone is pulling at the handle and it's stressing the stuff out of me. (A good thing I guess) The light bulb is visible for all to see and the walls look like an ad for a flea market. Kudos however, to the double aroma blocks in the toilet bowl

Java Café and Art Gallery.
This toilet has the added advantage of windows providing fresh circulating air. You could walk in after the worst bombing and not smell a thing. Freshness is best. It has a diaper changing unit for the really young members of society. The space is clean and well designed, and the addition of washcloths to dry my hands makes the experience a calming eco-friendly one.

This place is dirty. Literally. The floor is dirty and the walls arte dusty and the cobwebs are taking over. I don't understand the white painted trees in the concrete tub or the half oil drum that has no obvious function. There seems to only be one toilet for this entire venue so I would imagine it might get a bit stressful on a busy night.

Well…I do enjoy this room. Yes it is small and the lighting isn't what you would want on a Sunday morning brunch but the charm… Ohh the charm. The artwork is fantastic. There are lots of towels and the aroma is nice. I can see myself spending some time in this Russian pearl.

This is a downright beautiful WC. It's air-conditioned to the perfect temperature and the slowly changing colours of the glowing wall creates an overall feeling of calm. …Hmmm that could also be because I'm in the women's room… A clean stack of paper towels are provided for my delicate hands to be wiped on, and the toilet has its own private little room in which the grey glass mosaic on the walls adds a very nice touch. Nice clean smell. I like this place. This is a proper Expat john.

Ok this isn't really fair. Topaz is in another league but I will tell it like it is. Comfortable lighting and elegant flowers. It's all very pretty. The faucets are the most modern and artistic of any I have seen in Phnom Penh. The huge windows that look out onto the engineered pond make for a stunning hand-washing view. This toilet is classy for the assy.

If Topaz is luxury and class, this is punk rock and late nights. The magic marker is not just there for you to look at. Use it. Write something deep, or write something shallow. The walls are filled with graffiti. The toilet itself, as far as cleanliness goes, I'm not too sure about it. No soap, no fan, no dump - I'm out.

La Croisette
The hallway in between the restrooms is behind a beaded curtain and inside it looks pretty fantastic. The wood panels give it a soft touch and the glass sink with its unusual faucet reminds me of a flower somehow, it just made me stare. The burning candle is a definite plus in my book but then again I am a dying breed. Thank someone holy for that. Toilets are fine I have no remarks ,but what really got to me was the sink. What a beautiful sink.

Pickled Parrot
I'm getting a bit tipsy and I find this sports bar's closet very enjoyable. The black marble tiling and checkered floor gets to me. I'm amazed by the presence of a fan, this might actually be the first fan of the evening. This loo is clean, it's shiny I'm having a hard time standing upright.

I've just done ten toilets in three hours. What can I say, I'm drained.


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