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Panto Time: Cinderella’s Hard Day's Night

By: totallypantoman Posted: December-03-2011 in
Mark Twine,, Kate Watson and Dom Sharpe

Cinderella slaves away in the factories all day only to come home and play housekeeper to her wicked step-mother and ugly step sisters. Her home in the Lakeside district is about to be bulldozed, and just when things appear most grim, she is invited to the Prince's birthday party ...The Phnom Penh Players are bringing a Phnom Penh flavour to the classic fairy tale this yuletide, with a host of classic Bealtes hits interwoven into the story to get you singing along in true panto style.

The Phnom Penh Players, who have been together for over a decade now, are a group of expats (teachers, students, NGO workers, you name it) who share a passion for amateur theatre. They put on performances throughout the year with proceeds going to various charities. The proceeds from Cinderalla’s Hard Days Night are going to Epic Arts in Kampot, a charity which aims to bring people of all abilities together through the creative arts.

Anyone unfamiliar with the British tradition of Panto (or pantomime theatre) it’s a fun and interactive mix of classic stories, songs, audience call and response and cultural references all wrapped up together in a family friendly Christmas bow. Although writer Zac

Kendall is an old hand now, having co-written the last two pantomimes (Snow White and the Jackson 5, and Robin in da Hood), he felt the need to get some British help for tackling such a classic panto, so Claire Barker has also been involved in the writing, as well as the production, of this years show.

The show will be performed on December 9th and December 10th at 7:30pm as well as a matinee on December 10th at 1pm at The Russian Cultural Centre on the corner of Street 222 and Norodom Boulevard. If you want to get a ticket, you can buy them at "The Willow" (House #1 St. 21) for $10.


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