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Northbridge School in 24-Hour Challenge to Raise Money for Charity

By: Infinity Financial Services Posted: February-26-2013 in
Join Northbridge School in their 2013 24 hour challenge for charity
Infinity Financial Services

Every year, the students at Phnom Penh’s Northbridge International School complete a 24-hour challenge to raise money for charity. Over the past few years, the students’ excellent efforts have led to thousands of dollars being raised for charities in Cambodia and Africa. At the same time, the event encourages the children to think about others less fortunate than themselves as well as engaging them to work together in a fun and healthy collaborative challenge.

This year the students have chosen to support All Ears Cambodia, a charity dedicated to helping the country’s deaf community. The event will take place from 8:15am on Thursday 7th to 8:15am Friday 8th March

The event is a combination of different activities across the school community and includes students undertaking marathon stints of running, walking, biking, art and reading. The centrepiece however is a 24-hour relay race being run at the school’s running track. While the students, staff and some parents will be competing for the entire 24 hours, the school is inviting others to get involved in joining the event for half the time from midday to midnight on Thursday (March 7th).

This is a great opportunity for businesses to get involved in helping the children raise money and support this excellent event. It is also an opportunity for team building and to have some fun. Infinity Financial Solutions has challenged colleagues at Infinity Insurance to a relay race over the marathon distance, 104 laps of the track.

Why not get a team together from your company or friends and join in the fun. It is a great opportunity to help a good cause. The Infinity teams fully intend to rehydrate with a few glasses of Anchor so come and join in. With Friday being a public holiday, the beer is sure to taste that bit sweeter!

The public are invited to join the 24-Hour Challenge from midday to midnight on Thursday March 7th.

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