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Nerd Night | 4.25 - zip recap

By: Roswell Thomas Posted: April-29-2011 in
Ghislain Morard speaks at Nerd Night. Photo courtesy Dan Nuss. Click for the slideshow
Roswell Thomas

Ghislain Morard, on what NOT to do to get a job in Phnom Penh
"On your CV, don't put that your health is 'fresh,' and you probably don't need your weight on there either... Telling me that you are being specific does not make you specific... Telling me that you are a friendly struggle will not help me hire you."

Abigail Gilbert, on branching out from the 7,000 English words you normally use
"When I discovered 'fecund,' I was convinced that I had found a new swear word. There was the f ... and the c, u ..."
"A lenticular cloud is formed by warm air rising over a hill. Gliders call it a 'lenny' and they love it."

Warren Daly, on music conglomerate pirates and independent artists
"Life is not on iTunes... And as Frank Zappa says, 'politics is the entertainment branch of the industry.' "

Melanie Brew, on Asian stereotypes and growing up in Minnesota
"Once I was nationalized I was like hey, what the fuck, I'm gonna be a siamese twin with a white girl."

Brian Calvert, on getting journalists to like you
"Journalists... we're lazy. We need to be spoonfed your story."

Peap Tarr, on his artwork
Check out his awesome Acclaim interview

Vann Raksmey, with 20 slides, 1 second each, on ChildSafe Cambodia. Check it out here.

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Nerd Night is a biweekly event at a rotating venue.
Speakers present in the pecha kucha format: 20 slides, 20 seconds spent talking on each one.
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