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Indian Jailed for Siem Reap Motorbike Scam

By: IndianNews Posted: May-06-2008 in

An Indian national has been remanded in custody after he allegedly rented a motorbike for two days and twice tried to sell it for a plane ticket home, police said Tuesday.

Phoeurn Arun, chief of Siem Reap minor crime police, said Dhu Tait Parsad, 31, had rented the bike for $2 an hour and first tried to sell it for $750 and then $600.

Police investigated because the bike had no licence plates and arrested Parsad, who had lived in Cambodia for a decade.

'He says he wanted money for a plane ticket home to India,' Arun said.

Siem Reap, a northern tourist town 400 km from the capital, is the gateway to the famous Angkor Wat temple complex.

Under Cambodian law, Parsad can be detained for six months pre-trial and his attempt to sell the rented bikes could earn him five years in prison.

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