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Equinox, when day and night are of equal length

By: David Holliday Posted: September-09-2010 in
Eastern Jazz Brigade@Equinox
David Holliday

Seems laid back 278 Street is coming on, and is certainly a worth while alternative to the riverside strip. This Friday on the street, Equinox bar, restaurant and promising Art Gallery is having a Jazz fusion night with local band Eastern Jazz Brigade (soul-jazz, Latin and hard driving bob.)

The crew should be on stage, which is in the new upstairs bar at about 8.30 rubber time. This will be the start of a 5 week series of Music this Friday night and then on Saturday nights. Equinox. And while there why not try the menu from the French inspired Kitchen? Also there is very good exhibition from a local artist in the traditional cow skin art. This art is sadly dying. Its very impressive, back lit and on the walls both upstairs and down stairs. Entire cow hides have been used and the detail and work is amazing. The art pieces are for sale.

I should mention the swing sessions on Thursday nights also in the upstairs bar. And if you can't dance or are too shy just listen to the music,This is the social after the lesson in another venue. It all takes me back to the 30's.. But if you want to learn Lindy Hop Swing dance contact Robyn Zellar on 077. 959 258. That lady can dance, as can a few others including locals. Its a great social night and they are crying out for guys as dancing partners.

Also on the street across from Equinox is Else Where. This venue has 2 pools and some lovely lounge beds and water proof cushions. And you are actually out of eye contact from that nice friendly Tuk Tuk or motto driver. In other words you can relax, and yes sub a cocktail in happy hour. Else where is kid friendly and relaxed never gets too crowded and has a mixture of expats, locals, tourists, back packers, and strung out English teachers. A dip in the pool always seems to calm shattered nerves. Just spend more than 5 bucks and the place is yours. The bar staff are friendly and if you really do not want to remove your self from the pool the menus are water proof.

If you happen to gaze up from the pool, or look across and up from Equinox you will see the roof top balcony of happening place Top Banana. This is more than a budget backbackers. Climb the stairs to the roof, and you find a really pleasant locally run roof top lounge. It has a small bar and sofas, a good section of second hand books, Graffiti art work decorates the ceilings and walls. The good thing about the top banana is the family atmosphere, and the staff ,and the residents and that includes the stressed up English teachers. Its a good place to hang out watch the street and network.. But Tuk Tuk drivers will engage you even on the roof. The rooms start at 4 bucks for a single with fan (and tunes all night) to about 14 for tv, air con, and bathroom. Many residents stay for months. But other just float in from the local apartments. I think local is a good description of the place.

And this Friday there is another event. The opening of the little sister Mini Banana guest house around the corner at no 135 street 51.

Since the residents of the Top Banana and Equinox freely socialise with each other, and there is both Jazz at Equinox and the grand opening of the Mini Banana expect a lively and enjoyable Friday on street 278 tomorrow night.

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