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DJ Cash Money - Now that's What I Call A DJ!

By: Devi Vanhon (Radioactive Anne) Posted: August-19-2009 in
His name is DJ Cash Money
Devi Vanhon (Radioactive Anne)

DJing is an art and it is a science; it's more than just throwing two records together and praying that the mix sounds good. DJing is reading people's emotions, breaking down every different aspect of music, and learning the industry and promotion.

When it comes to DJing, Philadelphia's Cash Money (born Jerome Hewlett) is a master of this art form and an oft-cited influence among DJs.

He is one of the founders of hip hop who pioneered the fundamental building blocks that have blossomed into today's worldwide phenomenon. DJ Cash Money took the hip hop world by storm by winning the New Music Seminar DJ Championship in New York, the DMC American Mixing Championship in LA, and the DMC World Supremacy DJ Championship in London throughout the late eighties. Since winning all three championships, Cash now judges DJ contests worldwide.

He developed the transformer scratch, though he modestly credits another DJ, Spinbad, with the invention.
Through his style and finesse, technical innovation, and imposing stage presence DJ Cash Money has achieved legendary status for his contributions to the art form. In 1998 Cash was inducted into the DMC-Technics Hall of Fame with nothing less than the title "The World's Greatest DJ".

DJ Cash Money spread his infectious party-rocking DJ sets all over the world. To this day, Cash Money maintains his purist integrity through a blithe and humble attitude, while continuing to show the world just why he was crowned The World's Best DJ back in the day.

What's great is that Phnom Penhers will have a chance to see this legend performing in person when DJ Cash Money plays at CLUB WHITE on Saturday, the 5th of September, just for one night only.



Oh yall finally bringin a real DJ over here! Sad cause thesr clubs over here suck. They dont have any fuckin variety. I went around to these club and asked them to let me DJ one night and most of them was like oh we already got a DJ. Yeah but yalls DJ is some shit. They all play the same shit!


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