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Barang Beware!!

By: Naomi T. Robinson Posted: January-01-2006 in
Naomi T. Robinson

Crime is on the increase. Whether it's due to the magical disappearance of the amusement park on Sisowath Quay (a former favorite teenage hangout), or the new appearance of a growing middle class, some Khmer teenagers have begun to take to the streets with guns.

This last Saturday two Australian Ex-pats were walking home after dinner in the BKK neighbourhood and were stopped by a young man on an expensive bike with a very large handgun. He spoke one word of English to them "Money", took their cash, wallets, sense of safety and sped off.

This is not the first but the second gun related robbery that has been reported to the EAS office in the last week.

Cambodia is by no means an unsafe place to live. Theft is considered to be extremely dishonourable act. For most Ex-pats it is the gentle culture and the natural kindness of the Khmer people that endears us to this beautiful country. But as with any large city it is important to keep your wits about you and keep yourself safe.

If you are out on the streets after dark, take a tuk-tuk. Keep your valuables close to you and do not carry more cash than you need. During the day if you're on the back of a moto be aware of who is around you and who is coming up from behind you, and avoid carrying a handbag if at all possible.

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