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AK47s,M16s and a mad old plonker called Mia Farrow

By: The Phnom Pen Posted: February-05-2008 in
The Phnom Pen

Got a bit of a rude shock on the weekend. As Leakhena and I headed out of our front gate for our ritual Sunday morning noodles at Olympic Stadium we were confronted by a small battalion of armed soldiers packing some serious heat.

We walked straight into a cluster of AK47s, M-16s and handguns all carried by the infamous Flying Tiger brigade. I contained the pooh in my underpants and relaxed as they greeted us with a smile. As it turns out, Mia Farrow was in town and leading a protest to draw attention to the plight or refugees in Darfur, Africa. Er.....this is CAMBODIA you silly old cow !. The boys were there to ensure she did NOT reach her destination - Toul Sleng Museum. I was wondering whether maybe I might have seen Sean Penn, Richard Gere and Matt Damon as well but alas…….just the potty old dame from New York. For the rest of the day the streets surrounding the museum and out the front of our house were delightfully void of any traffic, tourist buses and tuk tuks and it was the quietest Sunday I have had in Cambodia yet...

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