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Official Record Smashed

By: Cali 2 Jim Posted: September-11-2009 in
Cali 2 Jim

Last Saturday Night attracted a few on lookers as Mike and Canadian Dave went after the record for the fastest consumption of the Fat Boy Sub.

Personally I have had Thanksgiving Feast that couldn't measure up to what the Fat Boy could do to my stomach, but just look at that monstrosity and think about the other half of that bad boy just sitting in your fridge waiting for you to come home from a night on the town!

After weighing in at a Kilo each the only thing missing was the drum roll. Stop watch in hand Al gave the go!

How to be a Good Expat

By: Remedial Wife Posted: July-12-2009 in
Remedial Wife

Remedial Wife is in the mood for a rant today. So here it is.

The Expat Crowd is, by its very nature, annoying to be around. We’re a bunch of extremely privileged, lucky individuals. Usually well paid, these days not so much. But let’s not forget that we all chose this life. That does not stop many of us from complaining at every opportunity, however.

Calling all women!

By: Gabi Yetter Posted: October-27-2010 in
Gabi Yetter

As with many things in Cambodia, things are not always as they appear.

That was the case, for me, with WIG (the Women's International Group) which I stumbled upon from a link on the ExpatWomen website while searching for places to meet other women when I arrived in town.

At first glance, it seemed to be a social group of ladies who lunch (or play bridge or tennis or mahjong). But, after attending an introductory event and meeting some of the members, I learned more about the basis of the group.

How to Handle a Traffic Accident

By: BNG Legal Posted: May-21-2010 in
BNG Legal

Even to the experienced, driving in Cambodia can be a harrowing ordeal. Crazy teenagers on motos, horsecarts blocking the road, wandering cows, and bullying Lexus drivers… Drive here long enough, and sooner or later you’re going to have an accident.

My neighbour's wedding is killing me

By: Diana Saw Posted: April-08-2010 in
Diana Saw

I am cranky. I have had to get up at 6am for the last 2 days. My neighbour has a wedding.

In Cambodia weddings last for three days and start at 6am. Last night, the first day, celebrations lasted until 12:30am. It resumed at 6am today.

When You Arrive: How to Hit The Ground Running without Getting Your Face Smashed

By: Robin Pascoe Posted: April-06-2010 in
Robin Pascoe

When You Arrive:
How to Hit the Ground Running Without Getting Your Face Smashed
--excerpted from “A Broad Abroad: The Expat Wife’s Guide to Successful Living Abroad” by Robin Pascoe (Expatriate Press 2009).

“Mom says there is no way she is ever doing this again,” seven-year-old Lilly announced to her father after stepping off the Dragon Air flight from Hong Kong to Beijing.

“Hi, dear.” That was all I could manage to mutter. My resentment and exhaustion combined to give me a kind of distorted look of despair. “We made it.” Barely.

Fritz Lightning

By: Adam E. Posted: April-01-2010 in
Adam E.

So I have known Fritz for around ten months now. Today is his birthday so it seems like a good time to chat about him. He turns eighty-nine today and he gets to spend his birthday in the hospital with a broken hip, surely plotting his own demise.

Job Hunting in Phnom Penh - It's a zoo out there !

By: EAS Staff Posted: January-01-2010 in
EAS Staff

Looking for a secure, well paid job in Phnom Penh can be a daunting and self-effacing experience. In a country where the average worker earns around $50 a month, it seems rather greedy to be on the hunt for a gig that will pay many more times than that but show me a westerner that will work for $50 a month and I will bend over and show you flying pink pigs. If you do not come into the country on an expatriate package with all the trappings attached, you are just another western number looking for a job.

Adjusting To Expat Life

By: Gene Davis Posted: November-24-2009 in
Gene Davis

In the United States, when moving from one city to another or even one state to another 3,000 miles away it is not a big deal usually. The hardest part is just making a phone call to get the utilities turned on and maybe finding a grocery store close to your new residence.

Moving to the Philippines from the U.S. or another 1st world country can be the most challenging and also frustrating experience imaginable.

Terrible Internet Service In The Philippines

By: Expat Advisory Posted: November-04-2009 in
Expat Advisory

Anyone moving to the Philippines from the states that decides to have internet service in their home or business will quickly discover “you’re not in Kansas anymore.” From the Northern tip of Luzon island to the southern end of Mindanao the quality of service is about the same. A big fat zero.


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