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A dirtier, funkier kind of stink

By: Phoenix Jay Posted: March-23-2012 in
Phoenix Jay

Named after the world’s most divisive fruit, funk band Durian are testing the boundaries of taste.

Durian like the word ‘dirty’, they like it a lot – so much so that the band named themselves after the world’s most passion inflaming fruit. Inspiring both reverence and revulsion, this ‘king of fruits’ as it is known in Southeast Asia is described as smelling like almonds or, more commonly, gym socks.

TOLL suspends train ops in Cambodia

By: TTRweekly Staff Posted: March-22-2012 in
TTRweekly Staff

MANILA, 22 March 2012: Toll Group of Australia and Royal Group of Cambodia (Toll Royal Railways) have decided to suspend all train operations in Cambodia for one year beginning this April according to an Asian Development Bank statement released Tuesday.

Last year’s heavy flooding caused construction delays and there are delays in land acquisition, resettlement and equipment mobilisation processes due to local community protests and objections to rail project.

Three persons shot - and the rule of law

By: Norbert Klein Posted: March-20-2012 in
Norbert Klein

Official voices had frequently commented, saying that everybody should be patient and not worry - as things go according to the law. So I also waited, expecting thee would be a final, clarifying action by the authorities for which so many people are waiting. Instead of waiting further, I write a mid term (?) report.

On 5 March, two weeks after the shooting and almost as long as the time that had passed since the Minister of the Interior said that the suspect had been identified, the spokesperson of the Council of Ministers Phay Siphan still appealed to be patient: “We have to go with due process.”

Hello Bolly

By: Phoenix Jay Posted: March-20-2012 in
Phoenix Jay

With sing-song tales of million-dollar budgets, Bollywood movie moguls are sizing up the Kingdom

Bollywood – in all its melodramatic musical glory – is officially coming to Cambodia, cementing the centuries-old special relationship between the Khmer empire and the world’s largest democracy.

Cambodia Stock Exchange Ready to Get Rolling

By: Rob Schneider Posted: March-19-2012 in
Rob Schneider

Here in Cambodia, if not the rest of the world, the opening of the Cambodia stock exchange has been a long anticipated event, marking Cambodia's emergence as a modern country. When it opened in July 2011, the only hitch was that there was not a single company listed on the exchange. That's all about to change, though, as three state controlled entities plan on listing soon.

Just for laughs

By: Phoenix Jay Posted: March-18-2012 in
Phoenix Jay

Spats: not something ordinarily associated with stand-up comedy, but then neither is Earl Okin. The only act ever to open for Paul McCartney’s Wings, this self-professed “musical genius and sex symbol” represents an unlikely fusion of bossa nova and belly laughs, not to mention damn fine footwear.

Sex Work and Dignity in Cambodia – Not Everyone’s a Victim at That Girly Bar

By: Faine Greenwood Posted: March-17-2012 in
Faine Greenwood

Sex work is still stigmatized in Cambodia, a largely conservative nation, despite what Street 51s more than healthy hostess bar trade may lead you to believe. A group of sex workers has decided to create a union and ask for the right to work—and most interestingly, they want to let people know that they don’t consider themselves victims, and they are not asking for anybody’s sympathy.

UK barrister to drive growth at Sciaroni & Associates

By: Market Watch Posted: March-15-2012 in
Market Watch

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Mar 12, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- John A. Pike has joined Phnom Penh-based Sciaroni & Associates as Managing Partner, Senior Partner Bretton G. Sciaroni announced today.

Pike has extensive experience in commercial and investment banking and in the shipping industry in London, Tokyo, and Frankfurt, and for the last 10 years has been a practicing barrister-at-law in London. He has lived and worked in Cambodian since 2009 as an adviser to on agricultural development with VSO UK, a UK non-governmental organization.

Last man standing

By: Robert Starkweather Posted: March-15-2012 in
Robert Starkweather

Champions from Malaysia, Laos and Thailand prepare to square off against some of Cambodia’s best Kun Khmer fighters

As national rivalries go, few would appear to rank higher or run deeper than the centuries-old tension between Cambodian and Thailand. The friction dates back to the Angkorean era, when battles between the two kingdoms resulted in the slaughter of thousands.

In Conversation with Lim Sokchanlina

By: Hannah Sender Posted: March-14-2012 in
Hannah Sender

Lim Sokchanlina has his audience sit in a 'pop-up' narrow corridor; pop-up because Sokchanlina created it in a room of Sa Sa Bassac using a brand new, racing green fence. Confronting this steel fence in the middle of the room establishes the emotions which are about to be questioned and transformed as the conversation between the artist and his audience develops.


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