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Fatal Halong Bay Sinking - Will Anyone Learn This Time?

By: Tim Russell Posted: February-21-2011 in
Tim Russell

Following last week’s fatal sinking of a tourist junk in Halong Bay, the repercussions are now being felt. Currently no overnight cruises are allowed on the Bay, 2 of the ship’s crew have been arrested, and the local authority have announced that “We are going to examine the safety of all the tourist boats in Quang Ninh and Halong Bay after this accident”, which implies that such examinations have never previously taken place.

When Facing Life and Death

By: Norbert Klein Posted: December-06-2010 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 693

Commemorating the victims of the Koh Pich tragedy of 22 November 2010, a Day of Mourning was observed on 25 November. There was an early morning ceremony held, attended by the Prime Minister and his wife, and high level government officers. In the afternoon, the Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation, which holds the 99 years lease contract for the Koh Pich Island, observed its own ceremony

Preventing Greater Calamities Next Year

By: Norbert Klein Posted: November-29-2010 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 692

When I first received false information about the collapse of the ‘exit’ bridge at Diamond Island – Koh Pich in Khmer – due to a large crowd, a small island where festivities were usually held, I thought that this would happen anyway. Maybe I was too skeptical about any urban development in our city, as too many bad examples in the past can tell. Yet, what confirmed my fear was that I received more and more calls from friends about the rising death toll that finally reached 347, 221 of them women.

Seventy Five Percent of the Victims of Traffic Accidents Were Motorbike Drivers

By: The Mirror Posted: August-17-2010 in
The Mirror

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 678

“Phnom Penh: To help prevent and reduce the number of deaths in traffic accidents, the Global Road Safety Partnership and Handicap International Belgium collaborated with the National Road Safety Committee to organize a workshop about the draft of a ten years road traffic safety plan 2011-2020 at the Sunway Hotel on 12 August 2010.

Tears and Ashes Remain and the Future Is Not Not Clear after the Fire behind Wat Neak Voan

By: The Mirror Posted: March-12-2010 in
The Mirror

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 655

“Phnom Penh: One of the hundreds of victims of the terrible fire which destroyed more than 200 houses on 8 March 2010 said, between sobs and with tears, ‘My house was totally burnt down. I am seeking if anything remained which I could sell to get some money to buy food.’

The Case That a Military Police Officer Drove a Lexus Over a Young Girl’s Head Killing Her in Ang Snuol Was Not Solved According to the Law

By: The Mirror - editor: Norbert Klein Posted: October-27-2009 in
The Mirror - editor: Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 13, No. 636 - Monday, 26.10.2009

“Kandal: A military police officer who drove a Lexus and killed a girl in Baek Chan commune in Ang Snuol District was detained for a short period and was then released, after there had been a request from his unit.

“The perpetrating car was confiscated and kept at the Kandal Police station to solve it as a civil case with a compensation for the victim's family according to the law.

“It should be noted that at 8:30 on 22 October 2009, there was a traffic accident on National Road 4 in Trapaeng Sang village, Baek Chan commune, Ang Snuol district, Kandal, where a Lexus car hit a girl driving a motorcycle from the opposite direction, killing her immediately.


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