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Driving in Cambodia

By: John Weeks and Sao Channa Posted: September-07-2009 in
John Weeks and Sao Channa

Simply navigating around makes one yearn for a GPS tracking unit. Street names and numbers may be unlabelled; house numbers obey no rhyme or reason..

If you are pulled over, remember: traffic police are civil servants who don't have a terribly huge salary, faced with some pretty anarchic situations. Civility on your part can go a long way - especially if there is a language barrier. Keep it light, and you may be invited for a coffee, beer or kuy tiew (noodle soup) by your new friends

Solar energy car made by Cambodian

By: Vutha Posted: August-03-2009 in

It is the first time that one of Cambodian citizen has tried to invent car powered by solar. Kong Pharith, former math and physics teacher in Kompong Chhnang province, used his knowledge to made solar energy car successfully. At the present time, he is the chairman of the Able Builder Organization and also chairman of the Phnom Penh based intelligent Planning Center. He lasted about 6 months to research for the right formula.

Importing a Motorcycle into Cambodia - part two

By: Murray Heath Posted: July-20-2009 in
Murray Heath

I received an email on January 5 asking me to call in to SDV and sign some forms. On Friday, January 9,
I called into SDV only to be asked to "come back tomorrow please."
On Saturday, January 10 I returned in the morning and signed a small mountain of forms.
I also received the first “account payable” invoice. This invoice was for a total of $1578.65US. This was made up of 20 odd separate charges but can basically be broken into 3 main categories:

(1) Freight from Brisbane to Phnom Penh: 3.882 cubic metres x $135/cbm = $524.07

Importing a Motorcycle into Cambodia - part one

By: Murray Heath Posted: July-13-2009 in
Murray Heath

After watching the demise of the Aussie Dollar I decided the time was right to buy a motorcycle from Australia and bring it to Cambodia. The Aussie Dollar had risen to over 98 US cents a few months ago before crashing to around 61 US Cents. The bike I was after was a Harley Davidson Dyna. This was the ideal bike to go with my 2 Softails and 2 Sportsters that make up Harley Tours Cambodia.


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