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Expats walk to raise US$1 million for Homeless Street Children of Bali

By: Bali Discovery Posted: June-21-2011 in
Bali Discovery

Two Bali Expatriates Vow to Walk the Archipelago Bare-Foote Until They Raise US$1 million for Homeless Street Children of indonesia.

Robert Epstone and Beat Schmid de Guneck will be joined on the entire Bali walk by another long-term Bali resident,Frenchman Daniel Chieppa his family. Two Bali-based expatriates have resolved to walk bare-footed and keep walking until they managed to raise one million dollars to assist homeless children in indonesia.

Bali and its Villas

By: Nick Ross Posted: June-17-2011 in
Nick Ross

Indonesia’s best-known island, the holiday mecca Bali, is said to be close to tropical paradise. So, Nick Ross took advantage of the cheap airfares to find out if this haven for surfers and holidaymakers is more than just another Costa del Sol. Photos by Nick Ross.

Latin jazz plays in the background as I look over Legian Beach in Seminyak. Surfers ride waves and beachgoers sun themselves on a not-so-sunny, almost white sand beach. I am in Kudeta (think coup d’etat), one of Bali’s most iconic bars. Last night Jose Padilla of Cafe Del Mar fame played his hallmark concoction of beachside lounge music that has helped him sell five million albums.

Fancy a late breakfast? No problem: from sun risers to sundowners everything is served with a smile

By: Jon Stonham Posted: June-15-2011 in
Jon Stonham

Probably like many people, I had always thought private villas were exclusively for the rich and famous; beyond the budget of a mere mortal like me. How wrong was I?

A few years back my family was staying at a well-known resort in Phuket. Following an afternoon by the pool the drinks bill arrived. It was over US$30 for a couple of cokes and lime sodas – a mark-up of almost 600% on prices at the nearby supermarket and probably double those of the local Thai restaurant on the beach. After a week it became clear that room costs were just the start of the holiday expenses: for every dollar spent on accommodation, another was spent on food and drinks.

Private Homes and Villas

By: Private Homes and Villas Ltd. Posted: June-14-2011 in
Private Homes and Villas Ltd.

Private Homes & Villas was born out of frustration and two very grim holidays. I personally have found it extremely difficult to find decent and impartial information on villas to rent. As a result it has gone into ‘the too difficult tray’ and I have stayed in a hotel instead. Now in the absence of anything else we decided to do something about it.

Melia Bali awarded top EarthCheck rank

By: Megan Gell Posted: June-10-2011 in
Megan Gell

Resort attains regional-first platinum certification following 10-year commitment

Melia Bali was recently awarded Platinum Certification by EarthCheck – the first venue in Asia to receive this and one of just five worldwide. CEI Asia speaks to Melia Bali general manager Jim Boyles about the landmark achievement:

How has the local community been impacted?

Badung Lifesaver Goes to Darwin for Arafura Games

By: Bali Travel News Posted: June-09-2011 in
Bali Travel News

Badung Lifesaver (Balawista) team had the honor to attend the championship of Arafura Games 2011 in Darwin, Australia. The nine contingents representing Indonesia would show off their capability in the world championship. “This championship will last for eight days, namely on May 7-14, 2011,” said Chairman of the contingent, I Gede Berata, when meeting with the Regent of Badung, AA Gde Agung, Tuesday (May 3).

Sukasada Ing Rat Fragmentary Mesmerizes Tourists

By: Bali Travel News Posted: June-09-2011 in
Bali Travel News

Enchantment of Sukasada Ujung Park of Karangasem increasingly shows off its magnetism. Having been restored with the assistance of World Bank, the Sukasada Ujung Park has been considered successful to support a variety of spectacular events both in the regional and national level. Agenda of the official visits of a number of ministers have been successfully organized in the Panglila Cita Garden that was usually used by the King of Karangasem in hosting state guests of the past.

POTW - Landing Points Vision Space

By: Community Backstage - Bali Posted: June-03-2011 in
Community Backstage - Bali

The Vision Space - Open, airy, clean and spacious - room includes fan, wifi, full kitchen, refrigerator, covered parking for your bike and drinking water - and one of the best rice field views in ubud!

What is a Landing Point?

For those who have traveled a bit, you most likely have had one of those experiences of booking accommodation online, only to arrive and really wish you hadn't booked your whole vacation in that one spot.

Go Green in Bali

By: Expat Living Posted: June-01-2011 in
Expat Living

Visited Bali before? Looking for something different to extend your thoughts beyond the swimming pool and the fantastic food? Here’s an idea: sample a little culture and community at VILLA HANSA in Canggu.

Spiritual souls with environmental leanings, an interest in community awareness and a thirst for local culture, will love this one-of-a-kind villa. Named after the Goddess of Knowledge, its design is gorgeous, but Villa Hansa is so much more than just another Balinese deluxe villa.

Raditya “the Bull” Rondi Takes Down Pepen “the Tiger” Hendrik to Win the Rusty Rumble in Da Jungle

By: Bali Waves Posted: May-18-2011 in
Bali Waves

Sanur-Bali: Raditya Rondi bested last year’s Rumble in Da Jungle winner Pepen Hendrik today in a 30 minute man-on-man battle in testing 5-6 foot wave conditions yesterday to claim victory and the additional distinction of being the first goofyfooter to ever win the legendary event.

The stylish and aggressive goofyfooter from Kuta nicknamed “the Bull” takes home a winners check for Rp 15 million and 3,000 Coca-Cola ISC Championship points, and now sits in second spot in the 2011 rankings, having finished equal third in the first event on the Coca-Cola ISC Tour in April.


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