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'Local Showcase' Winner Puy Chhunly

Expat Advisory

EAS checks in with Puy Chhunly, who along with Yannick Zanchatta recently won Cambofest's coveted 'Golden Water Buffalo' award for its 'Local Showcase' category. Their short 2-D animation Little Boy Drinking Bad Water - a simple story of a common rural ailment (diarrhea) - is used for teaching about health and safety, and was an audience favorite at the festival.
What interests you in animation?


Expat Advisory

It's like walking on eggshells - the debate continues in the Cambodia Daily letters pages about loudspeaker-equipped egg vending carts. Are they too loud? Are foreigners too sensitive? Just what kinds of eggs are being sold anyway?

Expat-Advisory's intrepid Investigative Team hit the streets to get some perspective straight from the source.

What is your name?


What do they call this kind of egg?

'Pong Mouen Ang Psoum Kreung Piseh' [Grilled chicken egg with special ingredients.]

How long have you been selling eggs?

One year.

How much does one egg cost?

The Cultural Mores of Moving House in Cambodia

Bronwyn Sloan

We were both under the weather. We had packed the kids off to stay with friends and my Cambodian partner had decided to celebrate moving house by spending the night trawling bars, thoughtfully taking my keys with him and leaving me outside with the guard until the small hours of the morning. A whole dead chicken complete with head and legs on the doorstep was the last thing I needed, but there it was. Roasted, Chinese style, its eyes staring and looking a little rancid already in the morning heat and no more attractive for the fact it was reclining on a bed of fruit.


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