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Peace through superior poetry

By: Phoenix Jay Posted: February-17-2012 in
Phoenix Jay

Ryan Tong and Kosal Khiev are on a mission. Part of new arts collective Studio Revolt, these Asian-American activists – one a youth worker, the other a former refugee and convict recently deported from the US to his native Cambodia – are using poetry to teach orphans the delicate art of self-expression. Ninety kids aged seven to 16, who survive by scavenging from Phnom Penh’s dump sites, are embarking on a voyage of self-discovery through spoken word at local NGO A New Day Cambodia.

About Law Enorcement

By: Norbert Klein Posted: January-24-2012 in
Norbert Klein

There is some follow-up news to the last blog here, from 1 January 2012, on Royal pardons. I had quoted a report saying that Foreign Minister Hor Namhong had stated on 29 December 2011: “There is the law and only prisoners who have served two thirds of their jail term can get a royal pardon from the King.”

But contrary to this law, a Russian citizen was set free, a man with enormous financial resources, who had been convicted for sexual abuses affecting young girls from the age of 6 to 16, more girls than in any other court case in Cambodia so far.

2011 - 2012 - Transiting – from the Past through the Present into the Future

By: Norbert Klein Posted: January-01-2012 in
Norbert Klein

The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) carries, with every e-mail sent, the following line:

“...a society cannot know itself if it does not have an accurate memory of its own history.”

Have a look – click! - at their resources: the Documentation Center of Cambodia, the Cambodia Tribunal Monitor, and the Sleuk Rith Institute – the latter is a Permanent Documentation Center of Cambodia, explaining that it refers to “Sleuk Rith, dried leaves that Cambodian religious leaders and scholars have used for centuries to write on them and to document history, disseminate knowledge, and preserve culture.”

When young Lao couples move out, do they need to find work?

By: Thomas Wanhoff Posted: December-28-2011 in
Thomas Wanhoff

A Lao friend recently complained about finding and keeping staff. She said, Lao people may not need to work.. Yesterday I read in the Vientiane Times that mining companies are trying their best to hire local people - however, it is still a skill problem. But as you may know from my podcast episode with Titi about career development, there is also a lack of knowledge about what working in a job means at all.

Some clarifications – Christmas

By: Norbert Klein Posted: December-26-2011 in
Norbert Klein

Yesterday I was asked about why there is a Christmas holiday in “the West” which is now also taking on in Cambodia: to be nice to others by giving gifts, and also the business community is promoting this as a welcome opportunity to increase sales.

The UN Human Rights Day – on Social Media on the Internet!

By: Norbert Klein Posted: December-10-2011 in
Norbert Klein

On the occasion of the Human Rights Day, celebrating human rights and commemorating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted on 10 December 1948, Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, published a Statement specifically referring to the role of the Internet for the protection and promotion of human rights:

Who else but the victims are concerned with the disappearing lake?

By: Norbert Klein Posted: November-29-2011 in
Norbert Klein

Some years ago, departing on a flight to Bangkok, I took this picture – a historic reminder of something that is no more.

The struggle of the residents around the lake has been regularly reported, their claim that – according to Cambodian land laws – people who have been in uncontested residence for a certain number of years can apply for land registration: the procedure for land registrations had been financially supported formerly by the World Bank – until the Cambodian government canceled the relevant contract with the World Bank after senior management of the bank had questioned the way in which this program was implemented – excluding the residents around the lake.

“…ordinary people who risked their lives…” – part of the forgotten history of Phnom Penh

By: Norbert Klein Posted: November-22-2011 in
Norbert Klein

The Meta House in Phnom Penh has at present an exhibition of photographs and corresponding testimonials of stories about moral courage of ordinary people who risked their lives to save others. These are related to actions during the Holocaust to the periods of violent conflict in Bosnia, Rwanda, and Cambodia.

Nerd Alumni Gather for a Wee Chit-Chat - Japanese Style

By: totallyrandomman Posted: October-11-2011 in

'Talking about it at nerd night was way more nerve-wracking than being hung up from the ceiling from hooks in my flesh. I was shadow boxing backstage just to get out all the nervous excitement of speaking.’

So says Kim, a Norwegian Body Suspension enthusiast, of his time presenting about his passion at one of Phnom Penh’s hugely popular Nerd Nights.

Surviving Pchum Ben

By: Danielle Stewardson Posted: September-23-2011 in
Danielle Stewardson

A Cambodian friend once described the Pchum Ben festival as a time when all Cambodians return to their homelands, take gifts to honour their deceased relatives to the pagoda and then, once the religious ceremonies have been completed, invite the spirits of the departed back to their homes for a party! If you’ve never been in Phnom Penh during this festival, you will have no idea how true this is. The city literally becomes a ghost town – although obviously without the ghosts, as they’re all off enjoying those parties in the countryside.


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