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Tim’s Travels - the Shocking Truth

By: Tim Russell Posted: November-17-2011 in
Tim Russell

Bangkok-based reader Alan West, who works in market research, has been applying his analytical skills to the Come & Go blog and has made a fascinating discovery. He writes:

Dear Tim
Been reading and enjoying some of your blog entries over the past couple of days. Thing is it suddenly hit me this lunchtime just how many times you reference beer! This is just a fraction:
- I was once so drunk I failed to notice the complimentary chocolate on my pillow

- a lot of Beer Lao was consumed

Cruising with Style on the Mekong

By: Nora Lindstrom Posted: November-10-2010 in
Nora Lindstrom

The Butterfly brings novel sophistication to sunset cruises in Phnom Penh. Launched in early July, the beautifully renovated boat comes complete with comfortable lounging bed, good sound system and catering according to need.

There’s also a proper loo! Designed for up to 15 guests, experienced Captain Kim and his wife will take customers on both longer and shorter tours on the Tonle Sap and beyond. Overnight adventure tours are also offered.

Zoo time - Cambodia

By: Andy Brouwer Posted: March-22-2010 in
Andy Brouwer

Steve Goodman is better known as a photographer about town, Phnom Penh that is, but he was also the man who supplied the pictures for the recent To Myanmar With Love guidebook that came out a couple of months ago. Steve gave me a few essays for my own To Cambodia With Love and this one on Phnom Tamao Zoo is one that didn't actually make the final cut. However, its certainly worth posting here. You can see more of Steve's photographic work here.

Phnom Tamao Zoo - by Steve Goodman


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