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Best burger in HCMC

The Yanks may have refined the formula and imported it to the rest of the world, but the prototype burger was being enjoyed in Asia long before Dick and Mac McDonald opened the fast–food floodgates at their first restaurant in California in 1940.

Legend has it that Genghis Khan and his Mongol horsemen, known as the ‘golden horde’, pioneered the patty way back in the 13th century, softening raw chopped meat under the saddles of their horses – perfect for a handy energising snack while they were conquering two thirds of the then known world.


Thanks to The Word HCMC Saigon’s Burger Kings

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Best Burger

You should try to make your own burger in Ala Mezon, 10 Chu Manh Trinh. Word of mouth around town, says it s becoming the best burger in town, as you can put what you feel for in it.


Ala Mezon Burger



Mogambo is so far ahead of the competition it's unreal. Best burgers I've had anywhere in the world, not just HCMC. Black Cat is a joke.


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