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How much rent do you pay - (USD monthly)



Rent is still cheap in Phnom Penh

Anyone paying over $500 a month is out of their mind, IMHO. I still know many ex-pats who pay $150 to $200 a month for great places.

I have a large, quiet, airy, secure, clean 2 bedroom apartment, great location, fully furnished, 2 19-inch SONY color TVs, 2 air-con, clothes washing machine, 3 bathrooms... all for $300 a month. And the landlord is a nice, responsible and very responsive guy.


how to find ?

Im currently living in a ok apt in BKK1 for $250 a month, and looking now for something nicer;
how do I find the kind of place you describe ?
My strategy is to walk up and down the decent looking streets looking for signs, then have my Khmer wife call.
We also ask local drivers and anyone else we meet.
Our experience with agents has been wasted time and frustration.

I want a nice home, not a typical PP apt.

Any suggestions much appreciated !


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