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Cambodia - Which Is your preferred beer?

Despite being entrants since its inception and proudly displaying their medals on the bottle, none of Cambodia’s breweries entered the 2006 Australian International Beer Awards. Regionally, BGI, Chang Light, Beer Lao and Myanmar Beer all made an effort, with Chang Light receiving a bronze in the International Lager – Other section.

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You can choose 3 beers in this poll


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'Cold' CAMBODIA Beer beats Kingdom everytime... Taste and Price

The new CAMBODIA Beer (colder the better) beats Kingdom everytime... Taste Beer and Price Cash



I like kiwi beers but have Tried 3 of the Moa's beers and been disappointed with them all. Hopefully someone will import Duncans Founders Tall Blonde from Nelson- one of best beers I have had.


Angkor from the tap, Anchor

Angkor from the tap, Anchor from the can....depending on the time of year of course.

Asahi from the can is always good.


Moa Triple from NZ

Moa Triple from NZ


San Miguel and San Miguel Light added

CCCambodia, there you go... all done. At present only one choice per user, so you will have to go for the san mig or the san mig light.


No San Miguel or San Miguel

No San Miguel or San Miguel Light on your list, San Mig Light is my beer of choice, as it's refreshing, similar to Corona/Sol and cheaper.


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