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Are you a Bum Gun or a Bog Roll

The Bum Gun
I'm not exactly sure how to use the bathroom yet. In every bathroom I have been in, there is a western toilet, a sink (though not in my personal bathroom) a shower head and a hose, called, you guessed it, the bum gun. At first there was no toilet paper, just the gun, and I moved the trash can into my room, to put my trash in and to keep it dry, because the bathroom is the same as the shower (you can call it an ensuite ensuite). Sometimes there is a bucket full of water with a scoop.

Thanks to a journey of a thousand kilometers


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Bum Gun User
62% (41 votes)
47% (31 votes)
Old fashion and like the raspy paper feeling
32% (21 votes)
17% (11 votes)
None of your bloody business
12% (8 votes)
Total voters: 66
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