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Bali - Favourite street food

If I had to choose between eating food from a street vendor or room temperature mayonaise in a third world country, I would always choose the street food.

Like half the restaurants you will eat at in Bali Lombok, the chances of getting sick from the food are 50-50. The good thing about the rolling food carts is that the food is made fresh daily. The bad thing is you don’t know where it was made or under what conditions. Another bad thing is the murky water the dishes are washed in. But everyone knows this and we eat there anyway because it is so dog-gone tasty. and no more risky than riding a motorcycle on Indonesian roadways.

Look for a clean, well-maintained foodcart with an equally clean and well-maintained seller at its helm. Here are som of the dishes you will encounter. -
Source - The Lost Guide


Also a big thanks To Alexa Bauer for her valuable input.

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