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Gym Rats - Have I Got A Room For You!!

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Right next to one of the best value gyms in Phnom Penh, near BKK1, is a two-bedroom 1 bath unfurnished, perfect for the male gym rat who wants to work out twice a day, hitting the machines, cardio, free weights or the bag, and grab a cheap plate of rice and pork just outside.. And the machines are great!

Gym is cool, lots of fans and really good nautilus-style machines, and bikes and treadmills. Lots of mirrors, etc. About an 80-20 mix of locals and expats. CHEAP!

Nearby is a GREAT Italian deli and a good massage shop. Cheap eats just outside and around the corner.

Downside is the one bathroom - but it's a great shower right after a workout!!

Cost is $200 a month, your share is $100, plus we split the electricity bill, which could be $35 a month if we run only fans with no aircon.

GREAT location, tiny cul-de-sac, so your motorbike-bicycle is safe.

No Internet, you can get a USB modem (dongle) then a SIM card and 1Gb for $5 a month (modem might be $20 if you don't have one). Then can have Internet anywhere in the world with a GSM mobile phone network! The 3G is decent if you don't download stuff (you can buy/swap shows/movies digitally for really cheap.) High-speed Internet is EXPENSIVE here in Cambodia.

I am a teacher, I speak 5 languages and have travelled most of SE Asia for about 5 years now. I have lived in PP for 1 year now, and 1 year before this visit. I know lots of places and people here.

I speak enough Khmai, and can sort you out if you need anything (motorbike, visa, scam-free shopping, whatever). More than likely, if you are a native speaker, I can even get you a decent job as long as you can pay the deposit.

While I don't mind smoking/drinking/etc. I would like a "side-effect" free roommate: i.e., you are never late with the rent, never cause a mess and never a bad drunk, etc. That's why this place would be good for a fitness-oriented person.

I don't drink/smoke/etc. I'm a school teacher that watches Glee and needs to work out a bit. Kinda like Kindergarten Cop.

1-3 month deposit and 6-12 month contract. Sound okay to you?

Call me at 0972 654 136.

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Good news! I negotiated a better deal: $75/month plus utilities, so all you gotta do is share a bathroom and get in great shape!

I'm getting a blender for my fruit smoothies after my workouts!!

I *may* also consider a small health food cafe in front. Lemme know if you're interested. It'd be low-stress, low returns but also low start-up costs. Wink

FYI, I'm from California, Arnie is my hero (despite all the B.S.) and I grew up near Muscle Beach. I still look like a Buddha, but I *used to* look ripped, haha.

FYI, I am fully certified Advanced Thai Massage therapist from Wat Pho in Bangkok. I make a lot of friends at gyms, haha. (And, no, I'm a normal, kinda mellow hetero).

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what street is this???

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What's the name of the gym next-door? I'm looking for a gym in the area that isn't The Place.

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The gym has no name. The owners don't speak English. Sorry, the room is rented already. Sad


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