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BRAND NEW APPLE iPHONE 4S 64GB FOR SALE from honest nigerian man

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I am a Nigerian spammer and have had my account blocked

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Is this still for sale? If so, how much??


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Possibly a SCAM - the email address used to register is NOT the same as the address posted. Seller is in the UK. Let me know if this in our users opinions should be deleted. BE AWARE of internet scams.

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And the bedsheets on the pic seem to be the ones of a dodgy Nigerian guesthouse. Where's the address? I want that phone!

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Scam 100 % . 3 iphonne 4s $ 800 .
Office in UK but I can't pick up from office.
Nigerian !
Get rid

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Just as good a scam as my sms this morning saying I've won 5 million GBP from a random phone number lottery draw by SHARP Jawdropping! If people want iPhone 4s badly enough pay an extra $50 and get it from one of the phone shops around Phsar Thmei.

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fixed... oh by the way if you click here Sony are giving away 23 1/2 Ipads. have a nice day


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