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European Dental Clinic


160A Norodom Blvde
(Arcross from ISPP Southern Campus)
Phnom Penh

Tel 1: 023 211363
Tel 2: 012 893174
Tel 3: 092 804471

Dr. Eric Le Guen Dentist (French)
Dr. Deborah Moore Dentist (UK)
Dr. Penh Channarith Dentist (Cambodia)
Angela Clifford Hygienist (Australia)

Clinic Hours: 8.00am to 7.00pm Monday thru Saturday
Closed 1.00 to 2.00 (lunch)

European Dental Clinic offers a complete range of Dental Services:
Orthodontic Care (Thai Orthodontist)
Implants (Straumann System)
Full range of Hygiene Services (scaling, tooth whitening, periodontal maintenance)
Dental Laboratory on Premises (French technician)
Preventative Care for children
Provide a warm, modern environment with a focus on infection control



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