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An Everyday Journey II

John Hoff

I climb from my bed bleary eyed and trudge to the kitchen to gingerly sip on some hot green tea, prepared earlier by my wife (she's always up earlier than me). If it's one of those days when I was too lazy to do some morning exercise, then a few stretches have to suffice. I need to get cracking - don the work clothes, pick the least smelly pair of socks and splash my face with water. Grab the keys, money, and the godforsaken parking ticket - always losing it.

Expressway to Link Phnom Penh to Vietnam's 'Rice Bowl'

Nguon Sovan The Mekong Times

A six-lane expressway linking Phnom Penh with the center of Vietnam's Mekong Delta "rice bowl" is in the wind.

Vietnamese and Cambodian authorities met Feb 26 to discuss the proposed highway from Phnom Penh to Can Tho city, said Kem Borey, director of the Transport Ministry's Road Infrastructure Department yesterday. Can Tho - with a population of over a million - is the thriving capital of Vietnam's fertile Mekong Delta, about 170 km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City.

Cambodian Salt Saves Vietnam's Bacon

Khoun Leakhana The Mekong Times

Too much rain, rapid urbanization and old-fashioned production methods have created havoc in Vietnam's salt production and the country is facing a shortage. Cambodia has been taking up the slack with large volumes of salt being exported to Vietnam since the beginning of this year. Last month, however, production was also low in Cambodia, and officials have no idea if Cambodia's salt production will cope with their neighbor's voracious demands.


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