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Paintings with a New Twist - Mitsushima Takayuki

By: Marc Pollack Posted: February-26-2008 in
Marc Pollack

If you want to see a truly unique painting exhibit, go see the funky new show at Gasolina. This exhibition of paintings was created by the Japanese artist Mitsushima Takayuki for the Spotlight Inclusive Arts Festival. What makes them so special? Well, they don't really look like anything else you've seen lately; they don't look like they borrow from current trends or styles; they may not even borrow from old trends or styles. They're comprised of recognizable objects, bright and contrasting colors. They are well composed in a classical sense, and well drawn. They use geometric shapes, especially circles.

I bumped into a few friends while looking at the paintings and they had the same reaction. In many ways, I can't quite put my finger on why they are so enticing. But I can say there is a twist to this story, a twist that I cannot tell you about. Why? Because my reviews are only about the art and NOT about the artist. So, out of respect to Mr. Mitsushima, who is well known in Asia, I will be the first person to ever write an article about his work and to not talk about him.

There are many aspects of Mitsushima's work that is unique but the aspect that really stood out for me was the fact that the work has a sculptural element. Mitsushima's paintings are meant to be touched! You can put your hand on the abstract elements and they have real volume not just two-dimensional volume. They feel funny and they give you an added feeling of the imagery. They aren't really sculptures but they seem to add more information to the objects, and they create a texture to the surface of the work. If you are visiting the SPOTLIGHT Festival or in the neighborhood, do yourself a favor and see something different: Mitsushima Takayuki.

Gasolina Bar and Gallery
#56-58, Street 57
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