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By: GG Posted: October-21-2008 in

There is always something happening in the Penh – if you’ve not heard anything don’t think that there is a lack of stories or rumors - you’re just out of the loop. I’ll be the first to admit how time & energy consuming it can be staying ahead of the gossip, hence this new column – taking the legwork out of the local hearsay, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours… as much ground as I cover, I always appreciate a tip-off, completely anonymous of course. So please feed your new source for scandals and note fact checking is minimal – between the truth and a good story I know which I prefer…

The town hasn’t been itself since the closure of Pontoon; we keep being reassured it will be re-opened soon but a post-Water Festival come-back looks likely. This effectively halves the late-night expat hang outs available, and the Groundhog Day feeling of a Phnom Penh night out is compounded...will this higher concentration mean more people meet and shenanigans follow at all time high?…here’s hoping!

The combination of being a newbie to PP along with the single life has ensured that the last few months have been some of the most eventful and interesting of my not insubstantial lifetime, should I share?….no let’s leave that to you.

Spotted - one young lady leaving an obviously questionable establishment in the early hours of the morning, with two men clinging to her sides. Not very lady like behavior, but then most male PPers generally decide to stay clear of this one on reputation alone. These looked like poor unsuspecting backpackers, and well that's an entirely different story…

Is this the way forward for all expatriate girls looking for some NSA (no-strings-attached) fun? I'm personally not a fan, that whole un-kempt, not-washed-for-a-month, I'm-helping-the-world aroma is enough to make me sick. But don't they say 'never say never'? I've heard times can get tough and maybe back-packers are the only way forward.

So back to the gossip! All I am liberty to is said woman went into the same lakeside hostel with the two backpackers…and rather than anyone surface later that evening or the next morning - another couple joined them. These were not back-packers but neither are they strangers to that area…but who knows what happened? It was probably a late-night game of Scrabble I’m sure.

And you thought nobody was watching due to the Phchum Ben mass exodus? Oh how wrong you were…

Fashion alert: The first Levis shop in Cambodia has opened in Lucky department store, so girls no longer any excuse to be having a saggy behind, be proud of those curves. And countdown as VNC shoe shop is set to re-open next week after renovations. If only Pontoon could follow suit..

Until next time,
GG in PP

P.S. To feed me your gossip, go to the contact page and send it in - no names please


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