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Band Profile: Dub Addiction

By: totallyrandomman Posted: December-16-2011 in

The Lowdown:
Founded in May 2011, Dub Addiction are Cambodia’s first ragamuffin dub soundsystem, a blend of low down and dirty sub-bass lines, spacey delays and a fusion of classic Reggae Dub riddims with Cambodian vocals sung by MC Curly and Dj Kla Responsible for the typical Dub remix sounds is Professor Kinski aka Jan Mueller, a German music producer who has been working with MC Curly for 5 years on his own Khmer Hip Hop music.

On the inspiration for the band Professor Kinski says:
‘Cambodia is a country with an exciting musical past, great old Khmer Rock, Sinsi Samouth, Rua Sorey Sothea and many others, all killed by the Khmer Rouge. When I arrived in Cambodia in 2002, there was nothing at all left except cheesy Karaoke. Hearing those beautiful voices and melodies gave me the inspiration to use those old styles and create a new fusion groove out of it’

They have done a lot in a short time, with a plethora of gigs around Cambodia, including the Kampot River Music Festival and the Battambang Friendship Festival. They have tours of Thailand, China and Australia planned and will release a 12" vinyl on Metal Postcard records (Hong Kong) early in 2012. The 12”, recorded at Cambodian Living Arts Studio and including a lot of traditional Khmer instruments, is currently being re dubbed and mixed by a UK based Dub remixer for the B-side of the single.

Line Up:
• Bass: Sebastien Adnot (Papa Dub)
• Drums: Toma Willen
• Guitar: VJ Schkouty (Benoit Carre)
• Keys and Vocals: Khae Lhassan
• Vocals and Lyrics: MC Curly (Dang Kosal)
• Vocals and FX: Professor Kinski (Jan Mueller)
• Vocals: Dj Khla

Click here to hear samples of their music.

This article was published in Issue #3 of The Advisor
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