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Foreigners 'step over the line' by taking part in protests

By: The Cambodia Herald Posted: July-01-2012 in
The Cambodia Herald

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) - Foreigners 'step over the line' by taking part in local political protests as some reportedly did this week, a self-described long-term Western observer of Cambodia says.

Referring to a photo reportedly showing a Western woman in a headband with Cambodian protestors including children on Wednesday, blogger Casey Nelson says

Government’s spin on O’Brien visit rings hollow

By: Robert Carmichael Posted: October-28-2011 in
Robert Carmichael

The UN says it was not behind the surprise resignation of the controversial German judge Siegfried Blunk at the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

That much was made clear in an overnight email from Martin Nesirky, the spokesman for UNSG Ban Ki-moon.

Nesirky wrote: “The United Nations did not tell Judge Blunk to resign. The United Nations became aware of Judge Blunk's resignation upon receipt of his letter to the Secretary-General.”

3 Reasons Why the Social Media Movement Wont Come to Cambodia

By: Phatry Derek Pan Posted: February-22-2011 in
Phatry Derek Pan

BROOKLYN, NY – If only Egypt’s Mubarak government was as strong as its iconic pyramids, the administration might withstand the ‘million-man march.’ But these were built by the pharaohs and Mubarak is far from godly through the eyes of the general populace. So as the inevitable nears, voices are emerging throughout cyberspace on how the role of social media, namely Twitter and Facebook have aided in the movement that will likely see a new Egypt in the coming days. Can revolutions be televised through these new unconventional forms of medias? We have seen it through Neda’s Iran (RIP) last year and recently in Tunisia. But can ‘tweets’ and ‘likes’ unravel another long serving ruler, Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia?

“Someone Explain Why” – Fighting Again at the Border

By: Norbert Klein Posted: February-10-2011 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 15, No. 703

Mail from the Documentation Center of Cambodia – “Independently Searching for the Truth since 1997” – carries the reminder:

“…a society cannot know itself if it does not have an accurate memory of its own history.”

It’s mail dated 9 February 2011 makes two important historical documents available: a copy of then Foreign Minister Prince Norodom Kantol’s letter to the UN Security Council of 23 April 1966 on Thai attacks and the capture of the Preah Vihear Temple, and the letter of Huot Sambath, then Permanent Representative of Cambodia at the UN, addressed to the UN Security Council on 17 May 1966 on the same issue.

Washington Seminar: Women’s Edition 2010

By: Norbert Klein Posted: January-24-2011 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 15, No. 700

We are sure that the coverage of politics has received more importance in many developing countries than the importance that was given to the issues of reproductive health. As a journalist working here in Cambodia, I have heard less and written little about this issue on different media outlets, or maybe the media outlets have not stressed its importance enough. Therefore, as a result, this issue is almost unheard of, and no policy has been really put in place to tackle the problems in countries like Cambodia.


By: Norbert Klein Posted: January-04-2011 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 15, No. 697

Looking ahead into the new year, many good wishes have been exchanged during the last couple of days, for happiness, better health, joy, long life, love, good luck, prosperity, and success. Dealing with public information, I would like to add some more wishes: for more openness, for more detail and attention to detail, which will surely add clarity and help to avoid misunderstandings. Or situations, where opinion is formed on the basis of a lack of information, which easily can lead to distrust or confrontation.

Coming to America Has Always Been a Dream of Some Cambodian Kids

By: Norbert Klein Posted: December-14-2010 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 695

Coming to the United States of America has always been a dream of some Cambodian kids back home. Every year, many Cambodians sort out various ways to come and reside legally in the USA. And that makes me wonder why more and more people, except for Cambodian students who come here for studies, are willing to leave their home country and comfort zone for a completely new place, environment, and life. What does the USA have to offer? Countless things, many can argue for.

Mirrors Reflect What They See – Everybody is Invited to Look at Them

By: Norbert Klein Posted: October-01-2010 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 684

Tough some of our readers may have read the following exchange in the Comments section of The Mirror, I am lifting it here into the main section of The Mirror. I think it relates to the fundamental purpose of The Mirror, as it was produced since 1997, and it was also explained to our regularly increasing number of readers.

What a Mirror Does: to Reflect and to Highlight

By: Norbert Klein Posted: September-15-2010 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 681

Apologies for the delay: written in Phnom Penh – posted only from Germany.

Norbert Klein

The recent changes in the production and display of The Mirror brought a stream of reactions – mostly in direct mail – but there were also Comments from a reader and my responses, right on this site. Some readers may have followed these exchanges, which I consider very valuable, so that I bring them up here, for a wider exposure, as they can help also a wider readership to engage in this Discussion. As financial restraints have resulted in a fundamental change in The Mirror, it is useful to know how you, the readers, see the past, and also the future. Of course I have also my own views, to which readers have responded in the past, by a steadily increasing the number of visits – there were up to 10,000 visitors per month before the change.

Plans for an Island, Far Away, and a Tower, High Above

By: Norbert Klein Posted: September-03-2010 in
Norbert Klein

The Mirror, Vol. 14, No. 680

As the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia says, the “Cambodian people are the masters of their own country.” And in its Article 51, the Constitution, written in 1993 by the elected representatives forming the first National Assembly, who then established the Kingdom of Cambodia, were setting high goals for the future: “to restore Cambodia into an ‘Island of Peace’ based on a multi-party liberal democratic regime guaranteeing human rights and the respect of law, and responsible for the destiny of the nation.”


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